Confetti falling from the ceiling onto the crowd at the Underground night club in Seattle

Little Venue with Big Venue Production

When we opened The Underground we wanted to create a space unique for Seattle. A small intimate club, with the production & sound of the bigger clubs. With over 40 panels of LED wall, a massive Turbosound system, and the best lighting and effects we can find, we are proud to say we are not like the typical room of our size.

The Underground is proud to have Turbosound Floodlight system

4 TFL760H tops

2 TWS718 subs

2 custom 2x18 subs

10k watts Crest Power amps

 15 panels of 3mil LED make up the screen behind the DJ. The Ceiling and perimeter of the room is wrapped in 20mil LED wall, giving us over 40 panels of LED wall in the club. Two LED co2 jets mounted on either side of the DJ, 12 moving head, with another 8 LED Par cans and a 4 color laser round out our lighting giving us some of the best production for a club of our size anywhere in the world. 

Our custom designed DJ booth holds four Pioneer cdj2000nx2 with an djm900nx2 mixer all build into the desk for a streamlined look. Patch bays on either side give you access to EVERY analog patch point on the mixer, and pull out shelves over the CDJs give controller DJs a convenient place to put their gear.