Frequently Asked Questions

Is the club 18+ or 21+?

We're a 21+ night club. Please make sure you bring your valid, government-issued ID with you. 

What is the cover charge?

It varies depending on the event, but can be as low as $5. For big artist-specific shows, you’ll want to buy tickets ahead of time for a guaranteed spot and the best price. 

Is there food?

Yes! We do have a late-night menu. with some bar fare. For even more options, you can get food at one of the numerous spots near by and re-enter the Underground after you eat.

What kind of music can I expect?

The Underground is an EDM nightclub, so we host events featuring DJs across the spectrum of electronic music.

What can I bring with me into the club?

Please make sure to bring your ID and your digital ticket if you have one. Flow toys are welcome. 

What’s the dress code?

Feel free to dress casually, but we do ask that you wear a shirt and shoes.